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Hello friends
thanx for ur awesome response & love for the guest blogger, I hope i continue introducing you gr8 people around me...........

This month I introduce you all to one of my wonderful crafting friend

Hi! I am Richa.

I have had my hand in something creative my whole life. I have no idea where I got it from. My wonderful mom always supported me and now it is my sweet little daughter who keeps me inspired.

I am mom of a cute five year girl, wife to a man who is trained to say, "Wow, you made that?", and also a recruitment freelancer. I like to work out but I counteract that with my love of paanipuri, jalebi, icecreams etc….I adore photography, DIY projects, arts & crafts, and it seems like I always have a few projects going at a time. I love getting new ideas and feeling inspired.

When did you discover the crafting talent in you?

I have had my hand something creative my whole life, be it craft, cooking or DIYs. I have no idea where I got it from- my wonderful mo…