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Hello FRIENDS, I shall be hosting a GUEST BLOGGER on MONDAYS from this month onwards & shall be blogging about those crafty souls around me who inspire me as well arent blogging :) I would like you to be a part of it.....
Please welcome Mrs. Viraja Aruna Acharya, my aunt in law & very well known crafter at RAVELRY Please feel free to introduce yourself and share a little something about yourself.
I am Mrs Viraja @Aruna Acharya. I am a SATM { Stay AT home Mother!!} I learnt crochet & hand embroidery  from my mother at home & from my craft teacher in High school!!!  I was doing these two crafts whenever i get free time before my marraige & after  till my daughter was a kid. After that  on & off…as there was a great  responsibility of bringing up two children & their  school activities!!  After a long break of almost 22 years  when my daughter went to Bangalore for higher studies she gave me new ideas to crochet. I am very thankful to my daughter because of…