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Vintage shabby chic album

Hello Friends, Today I am sharing an album made with hidden hinge , my first album like it!

a5 size mini album with hidden hinges

Page by page pictures of the book

Romantic/love/anniversary handmade personalised albums/scrapbooks,

Hope you liked my latest creation !

Playing along - BGC#72 - ANYTHING GOES

Coffee Stained Mini Journal

Hello Friends , Today I am sharing a creation I made for my Best Buddy from school! I wanted this to be very special, she is an editor journalist in my home town and her love to collect stationary or journals is very well known!

For the outer cover I have used brown handmade paper and layered along dry embossed card-stock! The embossed card-stock is distressed with yellow and pink colours ! Have added layers of die cut negatives of butterfly and flower ! Added on the comb quilled flower made with orange and blue with white die cut flower ! 
All of you have seen me collect papers and make them into mini books so here's one in a4 size ,  these papers are stained with coffee powder and hand stamped images !

Almost all of us must have come across one kind of paper wastage, and that is the blank papers left behind in the school and college notebooks. Sometimes I have come across almost 3/4th of the book unused at the end of the year. I would remove the unused papers and sort them according…